1. Post, story, tweet, or share a mask-wearing selfie.

3. Nominate or tag two connections* and ask who they #masktoprotect. 

2. Use the hashtag #masktoprotect to tell us who you #masktoprotect (and why).

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*We do not condone mask-shaming. Please only tag connections who you are certain would appreciate being tagged.

usually indoors, sometimes outdoors, and especially when davening

Each person has their own circumstances and struggles, and nobody is perfect. By entering your name, you are committing to try to mask indoors, within six feet of others outdoors, and especially when davening with a minyan. By masking, you can reduce transmission of COVID-19 and prevent its spread through the community.

Thanks for joining the movement to protect the vulnerable!

I am ...
And #Imasktoprotect ...
mask on the nose
to protect from all the crazy people who only wear on their mouth!
2 Masks
myself from all the crazy ppl who attack me for not wearing my mask
Sarena Kopciel
Josh Pruzansky
To protect myself and to protect others. We all need to work on this together in order to succeed!
Zisi Wachsberg
Barb Ariel Cohen
everyone person I see, because most of us cannot know our susceptibility and people deserve my respect and protection
Rabbi Roy Feldman
My family, my community, and especially the high risk people with whom I may have contact.
Gisele Beer
Thank goodness
Abby Wiener
I mask to protect the people in my neighborhood
Rabbi Judah Kerbel
My community
Sima Sorotzkin
I mask to protect Rachelli, my 3 year old neighbour. A gorgeous girl, with blond curls who was just diagnosed with brain cancer.
Myself. By breathing fresh air, I protect myself and others.
I protect myself by breathing the way we are supposed to. Wearing a mask does NOT prevent anything. Oxygen deprivation is dangerous. Do not be fooled by the fancy website and drum doctors.
Shidduch for Shlome Zalman ben Raizy
Reichman Family
Our elderly next door neighbor and the immunocompromised children of families in our shul.
Rabbi Zev Reichman
For my dear student and friend who is courageously fighting a heroic battle.
Tzippy Klaver
My close relatives with chronic conditions which place them at risk.
The vulnerable among us to to not make a chillul Hashem!
My parents, grandparents and adorable immune suppressed daughter!
Gross Family
Esty, because we love her! So we mask & #stayhome for 13 weeks & counting....
Esther Greene
Yaffa Stein
All those still not infected, and still vulnerable to this unpredictable disease.
My wife and family
Chana Genendel Adler
Everyone, and to be a kiddush Hashem.
Yoseph Gross
Marcia freud
I mask to protect in memory of my parents I lost to corona
Ariella Denitz
I mask for my newborn baby boy, my precious tzaddikele.
Rachelle Hornick
My soon to be 95 year old grandmother, my 67 year old father with hypertension, my 50 year old friend with metastatic breast cancer, my 70 year old aunt with coronary artery disease
Yaakov Klein
Feivel Klein
Mordechai M Tarlow, MD
Every vulnerable person
Daniel Roth MD
All people at risk for serious COVID-19 disease
Miree Segal
My mother and my in laws.
Rivka Boord
My parents, one of whom is immunocompromised, my grandparents, and all the immunocompromised people out there- some of whom may not even know they're immunocompromised!
Peryl Agishtein
My parents! And everyone in the hospital where I work.
Aviva Gross
Tzivia Witty
My parents, who have protected me when I needed protecting.
Sarah Neugroschl
The whole world
Sarah Leifer
Those who don't mask.
Aliza Rubenstein
YG, a so-called "senior citizen" who spends his days learning and biking.
Seffie Schwartz