Weekly COVID-19 Update

Weekly update on COVID-19 from the Mask to Protect rabbinic and medical advisor, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, Chief of Infectious Diseases/Hospital Epidemiologist at Mount Sinai South Nassau.

This update covers a variety of topics, including the recent (small) uptick in cases and Hatzolah calls in the tri-state area, Yamim Noraim shailos, hydroxychloroquine, and health risks of masks.

Excerpt from update:

Is wearing a mask dangerous? Will it make it harder to fast?

NO. Not wearing a mask is very dangerous, and for non-medical, non-rabbinical, non-expert people and papers to continue to espouse that we must let G-d handle all infections is blasphemy and foolishness...

There is no scientific evidence that mask wearing causes one to breath more carbon dioxide or that it could make you sick.

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